Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

will make you laugh until you

hurt!  Even the nuns laughed

to the point of tears!

 Anita O.    

Barb S.  

Pattie C.  

Try your hardest to

catch a performance

​by Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

a two woman improv 

​group that's more

corny than holy!

By far, the best of all

Renaissance's great acts... 

Hey Nunnie Nunnie! 

Great people, and

always a great time!

Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

was a

complete blast!

John R.       

Sometimes when searching on YouTube ,

you run across something unexpected.   

A simple YouTube search with a forgotten letter

and Chastity Bell ♫  was included in the listings.

We had to listen to it - it’s among my

top ten favorite "out of left field" songs.

GREAT job!  Your stuff is making the rounds here

in Seattle and also in Minneapolis …

you are making people laugh….

Not easy to do.  Keep up the good work!


Robert D.