Robert D.       

John R.       


Pattie C.  

Barb S.  

 Anita O.    

Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

was a

complete blast!

Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

will make you laugh until you

hurt!  Even the nuns laughed

to the point of tears!

By far, the best of all

Renaissance's great acts... 

Hey Nunnie Nunnie! 

Great people, and

always a great time!

Try your hardest to

catch a performance

​by Hey Nunnie Nunnie!

a two woman improv 

​group that's more

corny than holy!

Sometimes when searching on YouTube ,

you run across something unexpected.   

A simple YouTube search with a forgotten letter

and Chastity Bell ♫  was included in the listings.

We had to listen to it - it’s among my

top ten favorite "out of left field" songs.

GREAT job!  Your stuff is making the rounds here

in Seattle and also in Minneapolis …

you are making people laugh….

Not easy to do.  Keep up the good work!